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For the 1st time in history, there are 5 generations within one workforce

When looking at each of these 5 different generations, if I was to assign them a characteristic, would be entirely different.

Approaching Retirement Vs Entering The Workforce

Those approaching retirement today tended to stay in “a few” jobs in their careers and had shorter mortgage terms. This allowed for a late-career focus on pensions and retirement and tended to have a family earlier.

The employees entering the workforce today are likely to have in excess of 8 different employments. They will perhaps rent their whole lives or have a much higher propensity to travel, live in the moment and start a family later in life.

All generations will need to deal with their futures. All of them. The trends are all moving in the one direction as we are living longer, healthier lives and retirement ages are being pushed higher and higher.

It’s for these and many more very sensible reasons that it’s crucial that all generations are provided with information. Information that allows them to make an informed and sensible decision for themselves.

At Retirement Choice our goal is to educate and inform our clients. To demystify their financial worlds and to reduce the fear of the unknown which in turn will eliminate that financial stress that lingers with ongoing uncertainty.

Take Control

Demystify all the noise that happens around pensions and bring it back to you, what is best for you. Book your virtual appintment with us. What we leave you with is a high-level road map of how we could help you achieve your retirement goals.


Take care,

Kieran Ward, Managing Director, Pension Advisor
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Kieran Ward
Managing Director, Pension Advisor

[email protected]

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