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Kieran’s Corner

Pension Planners Director, Kieran Ward shares his expert pension insights and knowledge.

Pension Scenarios

David, 36 Company Director of a Limited Company. He didn’t realise he could use his Business to transfer company money into private money.

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Tim and Brid, both in their late 60’s. Already Retired With Unpredictable Income. We suggested a tax-deferred alternative investment strategy.

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Mary, 39, Always paid into a pension but has recently changed jobs. We presented a strategy that would introduce Mary to phased retirement.

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Susan, 55, Teacher. Looking to Retire Early Without Penalty. Delighted when we told her that under the 35-year rule she can retire right now. 

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Johnny, 32, Business Analyst Seeking to Maximise Future Tax-Free Retirement Income. We suggested a PRSA, a completely portable plan. 

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Pat & Ed, Employers in their 40’s. Needed Advice for their Employees Pensions. We suggested 2 flexible options for them. 

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Joe and Marie, both in their 50’s, getting Ready to Retire. They were Reluctant to Invest but want to make money last. 

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Information Reduces Fear

Pension Services can have a lot of jargon and acronyms which make it more complex than it needs to be.  Our expert Pension team share their knowledge to help you understand your choices. 

At Pension Planners, we want to bridge the gap between the technical world of pensions and the lives of our clients. Our mission is to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to your retirement decisions, today and all the way through your retirement years ahead.

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