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Providing Friendly, Professional and Expert Retirement Planning Advice

The financial choices you make at retirement have long-lasting effects. It is vitally important that you make the correct decision with regard to your pension savings. Firstly, the pension decisions you make before Retirement are really really important so it’s best to be fully informed. Secondly, how you plan to preserve your pension savings for the many years ahead is equally important.

Our Mission

At Pension Planners, we want to bridge the gap between the technical world of pensions and the lives of our clients. Our mission is to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to your retirement decisions, today and all the way through your retirement years ahead.

Our Vision

We want all our clients to be free to live the life they want to lead in their retirement years.

Kieran Ward

Managing Director

Kieran leads the Pension Planners team. He has over 15 years of helping clients with their own retirement and pension decisions. Kieran is a Qualified Financial Adviser and a qualified Retirement Planning Adviser.

He helps clients understand their own personal economy and educates them to make decisions that are aligned with their values.

Check out Kieran’s Corner with blogs, webinars and pension terms explained simply.

Mark O'Grady


Mark is a Director of Pension Planners and is one of our lead pension advisers. He was formerly a personal trainer and is now a Qualified Financial Adviser and a Retirement Planning Adviser.

Mark delivers retirement planning seminars. He is someone who dedicates his days to seeing new Pension Planners clients and reviewing existing client’s pension plans and investment choices.

Nick Lawlor


Nick is a Director of Pension Planners and has spent 15 years working within the pension industry. He has a deep understanding of retirement planning and how to personalise plans for individual goals. He is a Certified Financial Planner, a Specialist Investment Adviser and Pension Trustee Practitioner.

Nick loves nothing more than helping clients make sensible retirement decisions not only for the now but also for the many years ahead.

Niall Jones LIB QFA

Senior Financial Planner

Niall is one of our Senior Retirement and Pension Advisers. He is a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) and a Retirement Planning Adviser (RPA). Niall is famed for the time he gives his clients.

He explains things in a wonderfully clear and concise manner. Niall always wants to make sure that his clients fully understand all elements of their pension and Pension Planners.

Cillian Thompson

Senior Paraplanner

Cillian is our lead paraplanner and supports all of our clients with regard to their pension and retirement planning applications and reports.

He has incredible attention to detail and ensures that all our processes run like clockwork. Cillian is a sports fanatic and coaches and plays football at a serious level. He is driven and motivated and is a key member of the Pension Planners team.

Ann Blake

Office Manager

Ann is our diligent Office Manager. She ensure the smooth running of the office every day. She is also responsible for all our compliance check and balances.

Ann also ensures that our client’s annual pension updates are processed. She arranges for follow-ups to be conducted with all of our existing clients.

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    Take Control of your Pension. Don’t leave it to chance.
    The pension decisions you make for retirement are really important so it’s best to be fully informed.

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